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ToddlerMovement, Coordination, Curiosity

18 months to 2½ years

Our toddler program follows a more structured routine than our infant program but maintains its flexibility to ensure it is child-led. Toddlers nap on cots after lunch between 12 – 2 pm. Most toddlers sleep this whole period, however for those that do not; we provide quiet-time activities and instruction. Toddlers are encouragesd to self-help with dressing, eating, and problem-solving with the support of educators. Parents supply all child’s necessities; diapers, wipes, creams. Toddlers go outside into the play yard twice a day, usually morning and afternoon. Occasionally they go on walks in the community. Toddlers are encouraged to try to use the potty during this stage when they are receptive to the idea.

Toddlers have a growing desire to be independent as they explore their world and try to make sends of it. The Once Upon A Time Child Care Centre Team , Essex.