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Pre-SchoolIndependent and Self-Confidence

2½ to 5 years

Our Preschool Program follows an open-ended routine that is set up to encourage more independent engagement and creativity and more opportunities for child-directed play. Children engage in individual and group activities which prepare them for the start of school. Naptime is after lunch between 12 pm - 2 pm on cots, however, because of the wide age range, some preschoolers no longer need naps. All preschoolers will have a cot and must remain on it during the first hour while staff helps younger children start their naps.

Caps non-sleepers will quietly reflect on their own or look through books. During the second half of rest time, non-sleepers will engage in quiet-time activities at the table or in the book centre, or sometimes outside. Preschoolers are encouraged to be self-efficient with the support of educators. All preschool children play in the outside yard each morning and afternoon. Potty training becomes a focus at this stage therefore the washroom area is available for preschoolers to use at their own discretion with support as needed.

Children play, children learn... and it is through these interactins that we connect with children and build secure and trusting relationships The Once Upon A Time Child Care Centre Team , Essex.