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JSK/School AgeDependable Care, Continued Learning

JSK: 4-5 Years & School Age: 6-12 Years

We offer before and after school care as well as full and half days on non-school days. These programs run as a free type of playtime with several learning activities planned for children to partake in at their will. Snacks and lunch are provided. There is no nap time but instead, an hour of downtime is implemented generally after lunch to allow children some quiet time to reflect, read or take part in less active play. All programs are prepared by observing children at play and planning a curriculum based on their current interests. We use the document “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years” as a reference when planning activities and follow the four foundations it represents, Well-Being, Belonging, Engagement, and Expression.

Children came togather before and after school and take part in a variety of activities. The program reinforces the shcool age child's need for self-awareness, frienship, and physical development. The Once Upon A Time Child Care Centre Team , Essex.